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“The best course of action is toprepare for the worst and hope for the best.”

- Anonymous

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Businesses are built over time with a lot of effort, hard work, commitment and passion and hence have to be adequately protected from unforeseen events which may cause financial losses.

Insurance is a primary Risk Management tool for Enterprises and Individuals alike and forms bedrock of Financial Strategy and planning. Adequate coverage insulates you and your enterprise from uncertainties of life.

Insurance provides protection to yourself, your family, your investment and your business. Insurance gives you peace of mind and you know that even if any unfortunate incident occurs, you will be financially secure.

ZenMoney Insurance DNA

Customer First
Customer First

What’s good for our customer is good for us too

Reliable & Trustworthy

You can depend on us for all your insurance needs

Service Over Sales

Our focus is serving the customer


Why ZenMoney Insurance?

  • We strive to address all your risks and build a comprehensive insurance plan to make sure, each of your liability concerns are addressed appropriately.
  • We help you navigate the complex field of insurance coverages and exclusions by obtaining and analysing relevant quotes from multiple companies, and guiding you to make informed decisions.
  • With our wide knowledge of Insurance products, we help you select the most ideal insurance policy and the insurance company to underwrite the policy.

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